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Their clothing was functional, not fashionable, and changed little over the years. However, a few small details can be observed in the evolution of the farmer’s attire that can give a relatively rough date. Below are several representative images of farmers from the mid th century through the mid th century. During the 19th century, sack coats worn by the man on the left , button down shirts, and soft, felt hats, usually wide-brimmed, were frequently worn. The men in the image below, which dates from the s, wear overalls, but they were not as commonly worn until around the s. Image courtesy of Joan L. Severa, Dressed for the Photographer:

Dating old photographs, 1840-1929.

Barnitz, George Alan , Barnitz family photographs, ca. The photographs include agricultural activities and rural farm life from the early s to s in Phelps and Dent counties. The photographs include subjects such as cattle and hog raising, baling hay, showing livestock and the Lake Spring Homemaker’s Club in Louis, Montgomery City, and Mexico, Missouri.

The documents include wedding announcements, newspaper clippings, and letters written to Martin Bates, Jr. The Photographs consist of portraits of family members and friends in the form of prints, tintypes, and ambrotypes.

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Women and New Orleans: Brasseaux – all the extra copies have been sold; and, the Center for Louisiana Studies, Univ. John 30 miles above Grand Falls. It has been occupied since by Acadian refugees from the expulsion of and the descendants. A Dictionary of Louisiana Biography 2-Vol. Conrad General Editor – Price: The author discusses the religion, manners, eustoms, laws and forms of government of the confederacy of tribes composed of the Mohawks, Oneidas, Onondagas, Cayugas, and Senecas, and gives accounts of battles, treaties, and trade with these Indians up to The text is reprinted with few changes other than romanization of much of the italics, omission of beginning quotation marks except at the opening of a quoted sentence or paragraph, and the correction of some obvious typographical errors from the reprinting of the edition of Part l and from the edition of Part An Introduction to an Ethnohistory by James H.

Dormon [Hardcover] – Price: Craven [Softcover] – Price: Rachel O’Connor was born Rachel Swayze.

The 1832 Madhouse Act and the Metropolitan Commission in Lunacy from 1832

Kanistanaux Horton Discussion The first photo appears to be the same image used on the postcard I posted recently and I will refer to it here as the PC photo. Based on her physical appearance, I believe the picture I have of Lee-o-netto and Charles Dodge was taken at approximately the same time in her life. I will refer to this second photo as the Dodge photo. Here are the two faces side by side for comparison. She appears free from the winkles and sag of age in both images.

Selected titles from the Washington State Library to complement Journey of Discovery: WSGS Annual Conference, More dating old photographs, Toronto: Family Chronicle, Selected titles from the Washington State Library to complement Journey of Discovery: WSGS Annual Conference, Taylor, Maureen Alice. Uncovering.

The capital of Puerto Rico is the oldest city under U. Augustine, Florida, founded in is the oldest city in the continental United States. The history of San Juan begins a long time before its official foundation, in , during his second voyage, Christopher Columbus landed in Puerto Rico. He founded the original settlement in Caparra, now known as Pueblo Viejo, behind the almost land-locked harbor just to the west of the present metropolitan area and the city quickly became Spain’s most important military outpost in the Caribbean.

A year later, the original settlement was relocated to a nearby coastal islet to the site of what is now called Old San Juan and named Puerto Rico Rich Port. Sometime during the s, confusion over the names led to a switch, the island took the name of Puerto Rico and the town became San Juan. Today, San Juan is known as La Ciudad Amurallada the walled city and is one of the biggest and best natural harbors in the Caribbean and is the second oldest European-founded city in theAmericas after Santo Domingo, which was officially founded on August 5, The metropolitan area known as San Juan has 3 distinct areas:

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B 9 May in Edinburgh according to some sources. Resigned to become an Anglican priest. D 20 February at Twickenham “in 73rd year”. Who Was Who Vol 2. D 10 Nov at Bath ae B 15 January at Leicester.

Dating Old Photographs by Family Chronicle Dressed for the Photographer: Ordinary Americans and Fashion, by Joan L. Severa An Illustrated History of .

Official recognition of the right of Jews to pray by the Wall. It also cautioned them against “raising their voices and displaying their books there. Muslim authorities responded by arguing that historic sanctions of Jewish presence were acts of tolerance shown by Muslims, who, by doing so, did not concede any positive rights. From the collection of the National Library of Israel. Allenby pledged “that every sacred building, monument, holy spot, shrine, traditional site, endowment, pious bequest, or customary place of prayer of whatsoever form of the three religions will be maintained and protected according to the existing customs and beliefs of those to whose faith they are sacred”.

Storrs was enthusiastic about the idea because he hoped some of the money would be used to improve Muslim education.

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My gt gt grandfather John Deeley and his family, wife Mary, sons Abel , Josiah , Joshua and 1 daughter Rachel all lived at no: When I found your site I must admit I nearly dropped my tea! I know there will not be anyone alive from that time, but if you can find anything, or recommend anywhere else to look, I would be very grateful. Many thanks, Ian 19th October Hope you are fit and well, you do a great job for us Brummies and I write to you to ask a question?

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Cemeteries Most of the early Buffalo cemeteries have disappeared. Forest Lawn is the only major cemetery within the city limits. The other major Buffalo cemetery complex, Mount Calvary, is actually over the city line in the town of Cheektowaga. Some information is available on-line about Roman Catholic cemeteries in Buffalo. Censuses The U. New York State censuses for Buffalo are available for , , , , , and Map of Buffalo with ward boundaries for the censuses.

Some information is available on-line about Buffalo Roman Catholic parishes City Directories The city directories are one of the most important resources for genealogical research in Buffalo and a survey of the directories can be one of the best ways to get started. A listing of Buffalo photographers from the directories can be useful for dating old photographs.

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Old Photographs – Cambridgeshire Photographers – Gr – Gz Photographers are listed alphabetically by surname on the following pages. Percy Graham was an established photographer in Bedford when Huntingdon photographer Arthur Maddison died in Arthur Maddison’s widow, Julia, leased Arthur Maddison’s business to Percy Graham on condition that he trained her son, Frederick Hinde, in the business. Julia took back the firm in running it with her son, Frederick Hinde, as “Maddison and Hinde”.

Frederick Maddison finally took over the business in

Heroes and Villains – A little light reading. Here you will find a brief history of technology. Initially inspired by the development of batteries, it covers technology in general and includes some interesting little known, or long forgotten, facts as well as a few myths about the development of technology, the science behind it, the context in which it occurred and the deeds of the many.

Dr Simon Aroozoo had worked a total of 57 years at Guthrie and Co since he was 16 years old. Dr Simon Aroozoo died of pneumonia in and was buried at Bidadari Cemetery. Before making his fortune through vermicelli, he had worked as a bus conductor and fruit seller. Lim Ah Pin was a generous man in his community; he built several houses and schools for the people living in the Upper Serangoon vicinity. The popular Lim Tua Tow Market used to serve the residents living in the vicinity until the early s.

He first worked as a clerk at the colonial administration before becoming a cotton trader.

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She is now living in Berlin with her father, Quartermaster-sergeant-instructor John Murray, whose home is near Basingstoke. When she is a little older the Army will help her to develop this talent. In fact, the Army employs experts to teach arts and crafts in educational centres, and both soldiers and their families are encouraged to take advantage of this.

Between and children of soldiers attend the Herthastrasse School, a converted mansion in Berlin, under civilian teachers who encourage them to find hobbies for themselves as quickly as possible. At the age of five Thomas Holderness, whose last address was the Black Watch depot in Perth, saws up bits of wood and hammers the pieces together.

The result looks like abstract art but, for him, this is the start of a hobby.

Virgil Mamadou 49’s channel, the place to watch all videos, playlists, and live streams by Virgil Mamadou 49 on Dailymotion.

Once we overcome shyness or modesty, however, we almost all enjoy reminiscing. As the years advance, a “life review” is particularly rewarding, but at any age it can be a great pleasure and an amazing source of insights. If you’re one of the younger members of your family, take my word for it: You may not be eager to hear family stories now, but eventually you will. Having those voices on tape, having the stories behind those photographs preserved, is a far more meaningful legacy in the long term than most other physical legacies.

And in the short term the material can enliven a special occasion, such as a major anniversary, birthday, or memorial service. Indeed, one way to improve the care an elderly patient receives in a hospital or nursing home is to write a brief history of their life and tape it to the door, making them a person with a story and not just another old patient. An experienced interviewer with a good tape recorder can capture memories that your family will cherish for generations.

If someone in your family has stories to tell, and can’t tell them on their own, encourage them to work with an interviewer. Start with a family photo history, with captions! Make a CD of it for everyone in the family. Don’t put it off to the distant future. So often I hear people express regret about the stories they didn’t get and wish they had now.

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The Chicago City-Wide Collection comes from a wide range of sources: Where appropriate, the provenance of individual items has been noted on folders. Provenance information for Supplements , and for the Collection’s photographs, is provided in their respective Scope and Content notes. When quoting material from this collection the preferred citation is: Processed by Galen R.

Each accession consists of an assortment of manuscript, printed and photographic materials.

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Proving grounds –Maryland –Aberdeen. Aberdeen Proving Ground Md. Abridged compendium of American genealogy: Virkus, Frederick Adams, ed. B2 B32 V. Court records –Maryland –Baltimore County. Abstracts of Carroll County newspapers, Registers of births, etc.

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I have a ton of old books! Perhaps this is because we now have other things to do, like watch channels of cable television, surf the internet, discover the great outdoors or participate in any number of other diversions that attract our attention. Here are the three questions you should answer before contacting a book appraiser or rare book auction house. Were your parents or grandparents who accumulated this library book collectors, or book readers?

If your parents or grandparents were known collectors and have a listing of their library, chances are very good that they knew what information was important to document. With this information in hand, an antique book appraiser will have an excellent basis from which to ascertain current market value.

If possible I would also like any information on the SPRATT FAMILY from BIRMINGHAM. My FATHER was originally A SPRATT, his mother MAUDE lost her husband SPRATT don’t know his 1st name, apparently he was a bit of a bad boy around BRUM, died quite young.

Hookworm Experts Are Here! On this day in , a small notice appeared with other brief local news items in the Athens Banner: In the report issued a few weeks later by the commission, they singled out the State Normal School’s initiative: In the State Normal School, at Athens, Georgia, the student teachers are being given instruction in hookworm disease to the end that they as teachers may be able to give definite instruction to the children in their own schools.

The work done at the Normal School was part of the report focusing on educating primary school children about “the dangers of soil pollution and how to avoid them. The hookworm larva typically infects through the sole of the foot, migrates through the bloodstream to the heart and lungs, and then matures to adulthood in the small intestines of its mammal host. Though it is only infectious in its third larval stage, that stage can last three to four weeks. Once inside the host, the worm can get as long as 11 millimeters and live for over two years.

Rockefeller used a part of his vast fortune to fight against hookworm infection in the United States, starting in The Sanitary Commission helped fund outhouses at schools and stressed the importance of rural children to wear shoes to avoid infection. Within just five years, the organization had made great headway and significantly reduced the number of infected individuals.

Today, there are approximately to million people infected with hookworms worldwide, primarily in developing countries. Doctors who treat people with hookworm, however, began to notice that children with hookworms had far fewer occurrences of asthma and weaker reactions to allergens, which has led to controlled experiments with hookworm infection in healthy individuals in hope of isolating the way the worms slow down the immune system and alleviate allergy symptoms.

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