Good morning! G-Eazy dumped Halsey for Demi Lovato!

Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama have announced through a joint statement on social media that they’ve decided to call it quits after nearly six years of dating. We will always be supportive of one another. Thank you to everyone who has offered us kindness and support over the years. The news of their breakup comes as a huge shock to those who have followed their relationship. The singer and actor never shied away from gushing about one another, whether it be through lovey-dovey Instagram posts, or heartfelt interviews. I’ve been blessed enough to have him in my life, and not just as my man, but also my best friend,” Lovato told Latina magazine for their latest issue. The celeb has also openly praised her beau for sticking by her side through many of her ups and downs in life, including her struggle with an eating disorder and weight. In fact, when Lovato called into a New Zealand radio station and was asked if she hoped to marry her beau soon , Lovato was as honest as ever.

Wilmer Valderrama – Demi Lovato’s Boyfriend

Spotify are taking us into December with some Christmas classics covered by our favourite singers, including Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus. Demi delivers a beautiful rendition of ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas’, while Miley takes on two beloved holiday songs for the collection. Fifth Harmony have re-recorded their Christmas original ‘Can You See’, featuring on the soundtrack of new holiday movie The Star, for the Spotify special, which is even lovelier than the studio version.

Demi Lovato opened up about her battles with addiction in new song Sober just weeks before she was reportedly rushed to hospital for what is believed to be a heroin overdose.. Law enforcement.

Youtube The last time Demi Lovato made a documentary, she was high on cocaine. Now sober, she confesses to this at the start of the latest documentary about her: Simply Complicated, she says , is both an apology to her fans for not being forthright about her continued drug use in Stay Strong and, finally, an explanation. Seeking a way to fit in after years of bullying at school, a popular student advised Demi to start partying.

Drinking escalated to drugs, and Demi says she first tried cocaine at 17 around the time she was working for the Disney Channel. Her frequent co-stars, the Jonas Brothers Demi was dating Joe Jonas at the time , attempted to intervene. Demi reveals what sparked the assault for the first time in Simply Complicated: While touring Camp Rock 2 in Colombia, she says she arranged a hotel rager with her band and dancers where alcohol and marijuana were present, and during which she took Adderall.

The discovery prompted Demi to rush past her team on the plane and deck Welch. A cocktail of cocaine and Xanax one night nearly turned deadly: She was hospitalized for drugs and admitted to a psych ward. Her manager recalls her being hungover for the entire performance, in

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Wilmer Valderrama and Demi Lovato. Up until recently, the year-old actor was best known as Fez on That ’70s Show and for his list of high-profile girlfriends including Lindsay Lohan, Mandy Moore and Demi Lovato. Valderrama, of Colombian and Venezuelan descent, has leveraged his fame to sign a coveted two-year first-look deal with CBS for a series of shows which emphasise diversity. Wilmer Valderrama with Demi Lovato.

Weatherly had been with the show since day one. Torres had been missing for six months after going deep undercover on assignment in Argentina.

Jul 19,  · G-Eazy has NOT jumped to dating Demi Lovato after his split from Halsey and that’s coming straight from his ex, Halsey. We got her Thursday at LAX, and had to ask her about the speculation G’s.

The founder of Enfants Riches Deprimes, who opened up about his past drug use to Complex magazine in , was recently hit with a lawsuit from a former employee. According to documents obtained by Radar Online , Henry was accused of drug use, fraud, discrimination and failure to pay overtime wages among other things. The plaintiff, Brendan Thompson, said he worked for Enfants Riches Deprimes in June as a financial planner until his termination in April During his time working at the company, he handled legal matters, which stemmed from Henry’s “repeated and persistent illegal and hostile behavior,” including his alleged “illegal drug use” and “racially charged remarks concerning employees and other third parties.

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Henry first entered rehab at the age of 15 for drug use.

Demi Lovato Ex-Boyfriend List: Who Singer Dated Before Being Pictured With G-Eazy

Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez go way, way back. As in, for most of their lives. But their enduring friendship is more than just a legacy connection, intact thanks primarily to nostalgia and the occasional red carpet reunion. Both Gomez and Lovato have risen to great heights and stumbled along the way.

Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama are the latest couple to have split this summer. The pair both posted the same breakup statement on Instagram Friday that read: “After almost 6 loving and.

Share to Google plus Thursday, November 30, – Demi delivers a beautiful rendition of ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas’, while Miley takes on two beloved holiday songs for the collection. Fifth Harmony have re-recorded their Christmas original ‘Can You See’, featuring on the soundtrack of new holiday movie The Star, for the Spotify special, which is even lovelier than the studio version.

George Ezra, Wyclef Jean, Norah Jones, Jack Johnson and many, many more appear on the song set, which is definitely going to be the soundtrack to our December. No ads, no limits, no monkey business. Download it now for FREE at mtvtrax. That’s when I make the wish, to swim away with the fish Is it supposed to be this hot all summer long? I never would’ve believed you if three years ago you told me I’d be here writing this song But here I am, next to you The sky’s so blue in Malibu Next to you in Malibu Next to you The sky’s so blue in Malibu Next to you We are just like the waves that flow back and forth Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning And you’re there to save me And I wanna thank you with all of my heart It’s a brand new start A dream come true Writer s: Miley Cyrus, Oren Yoel Lyrics powered by www.

Demi Lovato: Details of the Fight that Sent Her to Treatment

Are Demi Lovato and Cody Linley dating? Demi and Cody did in fact date, but that was a while back. I believe it was in Is Demi Lovato to young to date Joe Jonas? I was actually wondering about that too. What if Joe wants to settle down soon, get married like his brother?

What really caused Demi Lovato to enter treatment?. The catalyst was a fight between the year-old Disney Channel star and a dancer on the Jonas Brothers world tour, but the problem started the.

Starting out as a Disney child star, Demi quickly established herself in the entertainment industry and is now a force to be reckoned with. As of , each of her albums has achieved at least gold certification. Here are the things we know about her. She has a mixed ethnicity — Italian, Hispanic and Irish. She also began performing at famous venues and winning numerous talent competitions. The album debuted at 2 on the Billboard and was certified gold.

It debuted at 1 on the Billboard and sold over , copies in its first week.

Demi Lovato Is “Getting Better” with Daily Visits from Ex Wilmer Valderrama

About three weeks prior to this, Lovato revealed she relapsed in “Sober. G-Eazy, however, said on the Breakfast Club in January that the “vicious cycle” is about “balance. Before being spotted with G-Eazy, Lovato has been involved in other high-profile relationships. In no particular order, here’s a list of Lovato’s most notable ex-boyfriends.

The former pair’s relationship began in

A balanced body performs better, and nobody knows that better than Demi Lovato. As an early investor in CORE, Demi’s connection to the brand started off with CORE Hydration serving as an everyday accessory to her life — from workouts, to studio time, to tours across the world.

This star has been in the spotlight since she was just a little girl and as a result, all the milestones in her life have been subject to public speculation. From her teens till date, Demi, like most people out there was involved in a relationship here and there. The two were involved from November till It must have been an amiable parting because after the break up, Cody only had nice things to say about her. How romantic is that? The two dated up until , when they broke up as a result of the long distance between them.

Theirs was a really short lived relationship, as it only lasted between the months of June and July that year. The couple dated briefly up until when Joe ended it but still wanted to remain friends, and remain friends they did. The break up could have been heart wrenching, but that the star was in St. The couple became official in and dated on and off for roughly five years.

In June , the couple announced through a joint statement on social media that they were calling it quits.

Boys Demi Lovato Has Dated