Daniel McArthur leads the UK’s Top 100 most inspirational Christians 2016

The group say they have been supporting the campaign at pride marches for four years A member of the ‘I’m Sorry’ group apologises for being a ‘Bible-banging homophobe’ There was 15, supporters at Saturday’s pride march at Makati Stadium in the Philippines Paminiano said: The signs included statements such as: People photograph a kissing couple during the colourful march held in the Philippines capital Another couple kiss after being ‘wed’ by a judge who read non-binding rites at the event A young girl wraps herself in rainbow flags during the annual LGBT march Pastor Paminiano said he had a change of heart in his attitudes towards homosexuals after studying scriptures usually ‘cherry-picked’ to condemn LGBT people. God does not discriminate against people based on gender. Imagine living in a society with nothing but love and respect for each other. The Southeast Asia nation is majority Catholic, following the Vatican’s opposition on same-sex marriage and somewhat deep-seated rejection of homosexual values.

Proud LGBT Christian ‘shuts down’ preacher at Cardiff Pride over his views on sexuality

The sad truth is that LGBT women rarely get the recognition they deserve in mainstream media, so we decided to shine a light on just some of the fabulous women making the world a better place for all of us, regardless of our sexuality, gender or race. Hannah Winterbourne Captain Hannah Winterbourne is a trailblazer for transgender women across the world, showing that you can unapologetically be who you really are, even in industries such as the army, perceived by many as traditionally conservative and rigidly masculine.

She realised she was a woman while at Sandhurst at the age of 23 and now sets an amazing example to trans people around the world to be courageous and honest. Clare Balding Presenter and author Clare Balding has been outspoken about the need to take women’s sport just as seriously as men’s. She’s told young women around the country not to be limited by gender stereotypes.

Your lgbt resource in the san francisco bay area gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, news, events, photos, videos, famous black lgbt people uk christian dating was a warm pinkness spreading through the fog in one r it ought not to have been the Dunceiade, seeing that Dunce, its great author and progenitor.

Jewish Mosaic Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Jews and allies are our relatives, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. LGBT and allied Jews span the denominational and political spectrums. The Jewish communal world is full of LGBT and allied educators, cantors, rabbis, social workers, activists, and synagogue members. All too often LGBT Jews “assimilate” and hide their identities in order to participate in the Jewish world or “separate” and distance themselves from Jewish life, representing a collective loss in terms of the strength and vibrancy of the community.

Many in the Jewish world are ready to redefine the boundaries of the community to include Jews of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities. Jewish Mosaic’s work is to contribute to and build on that momentum and to foster a process of transformative integration. LGBT Jews should not have to choose between their sexual and religious identities; we can transform Jewish institutions to accommodate all forms of Jewish difference.

LGBT Jews can and should participate fully and equally in Jewish communal life and its core institutions. Jewish Mosaic partners with Jewish organizations, communities, and individuals of every denomination to create a world where all Jews are fully included in communal life, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Founded in summer and based in Denver, Colorado, Jewish Mosaic helps the Jewish world become more open, accessible, and welcoming to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Jews and their families.

Jewish Mosaic is a managed project of Jewish Funds for Justice. Jewish Mosaic is proud to announce the release of our new book: Weekly Commentaries on the Hebrew Bible, inspired by the online Torah Queeries project that has been bringing you “queer” takes on the weekly Torah portion since

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Christianity Transgender people are being encouraged to become Church of England vicars as bishops launch a diversity drive. Bishops in the diocese of Lichfield have issued new guidance to parishioners and clergy reminding them that LGBT people “can be called to roles of leadership and service in the local church”. Last year the Church’s general synod voted to call on the Government to ban so-called “conversion therapy” , which is aimed at helping gay people change their sexuality.

It also voted to support the introduction of a new liturgy for transgender people , though bishops announced earlier this year that one was not needed, and that people in this circumstance could instead use the existing liturgy for affirmation of baptismal faith. The new guidance, which is signed by three other bishops within the diocese, warns clergy that they may not “tell or insinuate to people that sexual orientation or gender identity will be changed by faith or that homosexuality or gender difference is a sign of immaturity or a lack of faith”.

Welcome to Q Christian Fellowship! We are a diverse community with varied backgrounds, cultures, theologies and denominations, drawn together through our love of Christ and our belief that every LGBTQ+ person, indeed, every person is a beloved child of God.

As she so eloquently puts it: The former Steps star had long spoken of his desire to become a dad and said he hoped that having a surrogate baby could pave the way for other gay couples. Nathan Wyburn NathanWyburnArt That he completely ignored any parental advice not to play with his food has stood this year-old from Ebbw Vale in good stead. Captain Hannah Winterbourne hannahw The first transgender officer in the British Army, Hannah was serving in Afghanistan when she began her transition in Since then, he can add published author, TV star and panto fave to his list of accolades — he also encouraged and trained a group of women Alfie’s Angels to get fit and ready for the Cardiff half- marathon and has begun carving quite a successful career for himself as a TV sports pundit.

He is a passionate and committed campaigner, who with his team works with the employers of nearly a third of the Welsh workforce. In the past year Andrew and his team have trained teachers across Wales reaching a potential 90, young people. He regularly meets with heads of businesses, charities and government advisors and has actively championed community engagement including direct contact with thousands of LGBT people across Wales.

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Belfast The Christian owners of a bakery have won an appeal at the UK’s highest court over a finding that they discriminated against a customer by refusing to make a cake decorated with the words “Support Gay Marriage”. Five Supreme Court justices allowed a challenge by the McArthur family in a unanimous ruling in London on Wednesday in what has become widely known as the “gay cake case”.

The legal action was originally brought against family-run Ashers bakery in Belfast by gay rights activist Gareth Lee, who won his case initially in the county court and then at the Northern Ireland Court of Appeal. Announcing the court’s decision, its president, Lady Hale, said:

Christianity and LGBT Equality A Movement Forty Years in the Making Since the advent of the modern gay rights movement, Christians have raised their voices for .

Sitemap Home Here is a place for transgender Christians of all shades to find encouragement. Transgender Christians have a unique challenge and opportunity. Here you’ll find lots of information from “what is gender” to deep theology to help you on your way. If you have questions or ideas, please Contact me. You Are not Alone It can be hard to believe – there are many, many transgender Christians. We are devout in our faith and sincere in our gender. We range from ordained pastors to privately bigender to biblical saints!

Visit the Stories page to hear the pilgrimages of Christians growing into their gender. Transgender Christians are Christians, too I know what they say about us. I dedicated myself to finding the honest truth about whether living out transgenderism is in the Spirit of God. I have gone through my own journey of gender and learned about Eunuchs , Intersex people, and the character of God and examining all possible Christian Objections. I utterly believe Christianity is completely harmonious with transgenderism.

This is the essence of this website. I’m currently writing a Book on the subject.

Gay people to blame for Hurricane Harvey, say evangelical Christian leaders

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The UK government in in the middle of process of consultation on the new sex and relationships education curriculum. LGBT-friendly Christian spaces and gatherings: find a place near you: get your church or online community on our map. If you would like to receive the OneBodyOneFaith newsletter, please click the button below. Subscribe.

Ordination is handled on the local level. However, in several regions there are statements that a candidate must sign stating they are not a “practicing homosexual” prior to ordination. The Assemblies of God believes that “homosexuality is both a sin against God and mankind. Varies by region, but LGBT clergy can be called and ordained. Leaves the choice up to each clergy person; there are DOC clergy who perform same-gender unions and marriages.

In a statement, the COGIC stated that “homosexual practices of same-sex couples are in violation of religious and social norms and are aberrant and deviant behavior. Believes only heterosexual couples are entitled to be married. The LDS Church considers homosexual behavior a sin that can be overcome, although increasing numbers of Mormons are coming out in support of LGBT equality and on local levels many church leaders are carefully working toward inclusion. Only men who have agreed not to have sex with anyone but their wives may become priests.

Considers “homsexual lifestyle sinful and contrary to the Scriptures. Opposes and actively works against marriage equality. Currently does not support marriage equality but there is an active movement toward allowing priesthood members to perform same-gender unions. The Episcopal Church ordained its first openly gay priest in and in passed a resolution that affirmed LGB persons could be ordained. In , the Church gave full protection to trans people entering the ordination process.

The Pinc List 2016: The 40 most influential LGBT people in Wales

Email RNS — In an interview this week, Christian best-selling author Eugene Peterson said he would be willing to officiate at a same-sex marriage. In saying so, he joins a prominent group of Christians whose views on same-sex marriage and LGBT issues have evolved. These popular Christian writers, pastors or musicians, in no particular order, have publicly broken from the traditional hard-line position against same-sex marriage. Photo courtesy Matthew Vines Photo courtesy of Matthew Vines After taking a leave of absence from Harvard University to study the Bible and homosexuality, Matthew Vines gave a speech at his church about accepting gay Christians that has amassed over 1 million views on YouTube since

Welcome to the NEW Christian Gays website, a rebuild of our old site that was started in Just as with the old site, there is a lot of information, and more is added every day.

Ally — noun a typically straight- or cis-identified person who supports, and respects for members of the LGBTQ community. Asexuality exists on a spectrum from people who experience no sexual attraction or have any desire for sex to those who experience low levels and only after significant amounts of time, many of these different places on the spectrum have their own identity labels. Biological Sex — noun a medical term used to refer to the chromosomal, hormonal and anatomical characteristics that are used to classify an individual as female or male or intersex.

Biphobia can come from and be seen within the queer community as well as straight society. Biphobic — adj a word used to describe an individual who harbors some elements of this range of negative attitudes towards bisexual people. Other individuals may use this to indicate an attraction to individuals who identify outside of the gender binary as well and may use bisexual as a way to indicate an interest in more than one gender or sex i.

This attraction does not have to be equally split or indicate a level of interest that is the same across the genders or sexes an individual may be attracted to. Leads to invisibility of non-cisgender identities. Closeted — adj an individual who is not open to themselves or others about their queer sexuality or gender identity. Constellation — noun the arrangement or structure of a polyamorous relationship.

Demisexual — noun an individual who does not experience sexual attraction unless they have formed a strong emotional connection with another individual.

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Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email This is the moment a member of the LGBT community “shut down” a preacher during Cardiff Pride after he told them gay people could not be Christians.

Nici Lintern-Gittens, 39, of Culverhouse Cross, was taking part in the event’s parade in Cardiff city centre on the weekend with choir The Songbirds when a man was seen waving a placard which quoted the Bible. Not wanting to let the man, who witnesses say was expressing views against homosexuality, ruin a day of celebrations, Niki decided to talk to him about his views. Nici Lintern-Gittens right with their wife Alison Lintern-Gittens left Read More Game of Thrones actor Iwan Rheon shames Welsh council over not flying the Pride flag “He was trying to tell me what the Bible says about homosexuality and I responded to him with exactly what the Bible says, and there are only six verses out of 40, that refer to homosexuality.

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