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Few lanterns can compare to this run time, especially the low setting. The lantern is water-resistant, built with solid materials, and feels durable in your hand. The top and bottom hooks offer the versatility you want in a lantern, and you’ll find that it’s ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Shop Canadian Tire’s selection of camp stoves cooking accessories for your outdoor adventure and pick up instore at any one of our locations. We have such great deals on battery operated table lamps, No speed dating necessary. Oct 7 Free vintage and antique furniture and more South Langley. Looking for Vintage Coleman Lantern? Find great deals on Vintage Coleman Lantern and other discounted items featuted on our site now. First I will tell a little about looking for a vintage lantern I have lanterns dating all I think that Coleman lanterns and Campstoves are one of.

Add a touch of sophisticated vintage style to your laundry room with a revered design dating to the antiquity of ancient Coja Coleman. Aladdin Lamps, descriptions, pictures and history. How to identify your Aladdin lamp We have a large selection of hard to find vintage Coleman parts for your lanterns, stoves, grills Dating your Stove. Coleman started dating their stoves in. If you are interested in vintage, antiques approx 50 Hallmark ornaments dating back to s Lanterns Two barn lanterns, one brass base Coleman.

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Lastly, but far from least is a Coleman Stove # dating between to $40 Last I checked all (that apply) hold pressure. These would be great for your collection, camping, fishing, hunting lodge or trips to the cottage.

Liked 11, Times in 2, Posts Quote: Originally Posted by Marksman I have several vintage Coleman lanterns that I would like to use for decor in my gun room, is there an individual or firm that will electrify them? My dad had four old Coleman lanterns that lit up his deck. I have them now but haven’t used them yet. His deck had a couple elevated outlets. Just going by memory, I think he put a cord down the top of each lantern with the thing to screw in a standard light bulb on the end.

So there’s now a lightbulb snug against the top in there. Then each cord went to an outlet on the other end. The power to these outlets was turned on by a regular light switch by the door to the deck. I know this isn’t exactly what you want done with each lantern needing it’s own plug, but the setup inside the lanterns is probably the same.

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Today, most lanterns use LED light bulbs to offer extra brightness and energy efficiency. So how do you pick the right lantern for your needs? The first big consideration for any lantern is its brightness. Brightness is measured in lumens, which measures the total light that is emitted in a single direction. The maximum for your LED lantern is probably best kept around lumens.

For camping and emergency lanterns, battery-operated lanterns are best.

Coleman Lantern Identification and Dating. Coleman Lantern Identification and Dating. Coleman Lantern Identification and Dating Find this Pin and more on Collecting Guides by RedbirdRidge. Replacement Parts for Coleman Lanterns are at Cottage Craft Works.

Designed for farm use, it was an unintuitive piece of equipment, but also a starting point. At a whopping fourteen pounds before fuel, eight-inch diameter, and twenty-inch height, it was hard to carry. The biggest contributors to the nickel-plated brass lantern’s excessive weight were its two-quart fuel capacity and enormous glass globe. Despite the setbacks, the lantern sold well – after all, a candlepower portable lighting machine was enticing for many workers of the time.

Coleman, however, was not happy with its product’s size, and quickly went to redesigning it. Given their rarity, despite our having three, these lanterns sell for a good deal of money today.


Chronologically from Original Model Coleman U. The American version depicted here, dated December , has a nickel-plated fount and a painted red top. In the US, this was the forerunner to Coleman’s longest-lasting single-mantle lantern: Selling from to , this unit shipped in the millions. The final models and early As both had this same color scheme – a red ventilator top with a green-painted fount.

This aesthetic led to the nickname “Christmas Lantern” given by its collectors.

Apr 28,  · I switched over to propane several years back for all my stove and lantern needs. This worked very well at deer or elk camp as I could run the stove and a couple of lanterns .

Battery cover is difficult to get into, and the switch can be triggered very easily. Show details Details Performance: For those who want truly bright light, you won’t find brighter than this lumen LED lantern. The bluish light will light up any campground easily, and will give you more than enough light to see no matter what you’re doing. The light tends to disperse as you move away from the lantern. The build is beautifully sturdy, and it’s designed to be water-resistant and hardcore enough to keep up with any hiking or camping trip.

It’s a bit more compact than you’d expect, but lightweight and easy to carry with you wherever you go.

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These sturdy and easy-to-manage items can be purchased online, or at stores like JC Penney and Sears. Its 12 LED bulbs last up to 80, hours. To turn it off and on, all you need to do is push a switch. A bright light is provided by a white LED. The device is cranked by a handle and the same handle is used for easy carrying. There is a hook also on the handle so the lantern can be hung.

The mission of the International Coleman Collectors Club, or “ICCC” for short, is to promote interest in the hobby of collecting, restoring and preserving vintage Coleman products by pooling together as much information as possible to assist Coleman collectors, and to make Collecting Continue reading →.

It is no surprise, then, that Coleman offers 27 models of electric lanterns for camping, boating or emergency use. They have many different features to meet your every need. This weather resistant lantern weighs less than five ounces. Lithium batteries in this lantern provide 12 hours of light on the low setting as five hours on high. It even includes an emergency strobe feature. Rechargeable Lanterns Rechargeable lanterns are also offered by Coleman.

A single charge powers the Retro Rechargeable Family-Sized lantern for up to nine hours. Included is a 12 volt adaptor but it can easily be recharged from a volt AC or 12 volt DC outlet. The Rugged Rechargeable Family-Sized lantern is similar. A single charge operates six hours on high or nine hours on low. While recharging, you still have the amber glow of a nightlight so you are never completely in the dark.

Remote Control Lanterns Don’t you hate it when you are snuggled in your sleeping bag, ready to fall asleep, when you realize that the lantern is still brightly shining and you have to crawl out to turn it off? Solve this problem before your next outing by getting a remote control lantern. Features include a nightlight, bright 15 watt fluorescent bulb and up to 30 hours of light with using eight D cell batteries.

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Coleman White Gas Lantern conversion? Originally Posted by benh I’ve got an old Coleman white gas lantern. It’s got to be 20 years old, and still works perfectly, of course. These guys were built to last. I’m interested in converting it to either dual fuel white gas, unleaded or propane use, while maintaining the ability to put it back to stock.

Each Coleman Lantern LT Series model by Dutchmen is compact and lightweight with modern features for the budget-friendly traveler. You will appreciate the Technology package including a power awning, multi-color selectable patio light with remote, a Bluetooth enhanced stereo, and solar charge connection.

Fake and Reproduction Lantern Globes Also see New Repro Globes Railroad lantern globes have been subject to counterfeiting, and as globe prices continue to escalate, new reports continue to surface. The following information on known or suspected fakes and reproductions has been obtained from various sources judged to be knowledgeable and accurate.

The information is presented with “honest intentions”; however we cannot guarantee complete accuracy, so please use this information as advisory only — see Disclaimer. Categories include fake globes marked with decals , fake cast globes , fake etched globes and unmarked globes. A separate page deals with a controversial two-color globe , which may or may not be fake. Fake Globes Marked with Decals Barn lanterns see page on this style have shown up in internet auctions with globes marked with railroad logo decals.

In pictures, the markings look like they are etched markings, but sources indicate that they are in fact decals. Such decals would be fairly easy to spot in person but more difficult in a computer image. The markings that have been reported are a Northern Pacific logo one version has the famous Northern Pacific “monad” logo misaligned on its side! Very few lanterns of the ‘barn lantern style’ are known to have been used by steam railroads.

The majority of railroad-related markings that show up on barn lanterns are traction, interurban, or streetcar lines. It is certainly possible that unknown but legitimate barn lanterns marked for steam railroads will surface in the future. However, since tubular barn lanterns are still being manufactured and since it is relatively easy to mark a globe with decals or even etched markings, collectors should be especially wary.

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