After MONTHS of Speculation, YouTube Stars Finally Confirm Their Relationship

This made perfect sense to me, and I tried, and she laughed at my pathetic attempt, and would edit me down, and my recaps were better for it. Okay so we start twenty years ago, when Lillian is playing chess with a young Lex Luthor. Lights dawn on marble heads and Winn and James catch on quick, and go with the flow, despite being surprised. But low-fat ice cream. That has those annoying ice crystals on top. Maggie, the bold and the beautiful, challenges Winn to a game of pool, and he thinks he can math his way out of it, so off they go. On the bar TV, Kara sees Lena getting torn apart by the media for testifying against her mother in court and decides that she could use a friend, so despite James being snarky about it, off she goes. But first she stops and gets donuts. One of her favorite foods.


Take Harry and run! This change caused life instead of death for many. She didn’t look back, so James couldn’t see the tears coursing down her cheeks.

They’ve managed to fly under the radar so far, with Lily James even going so far as to deny they’re dating. But the game is well and truly up now that Matt Smith and his Downton Abbey star.

A-Troupe learns that the rules at Nationals are different and that their team may change. Plot A-Troupe is dances in Studio A , reminiscing over the past few months in the studio, celebrating their Regionals win, and thinking about Nationals. Michelle buys drinks for herself and Eldon in Culture Shock. Eldon asks Michelle how they are going to tell everyone about their relationship. Since their relationship is still new, Michelle tells Eldon that they shouldn’t tell anyone yet, which Eldon begrudgingly agrees to.

West asks Daniel why he is talking about his ankle so much. In Studio A , a party is being held in celebration of the studio ‘s win.

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Voldemort devised a plan to make sure that didn’t happen and almost ten years later a secret is revealed about who Harry Potter really is. Harry Potter – Rated: What he hadn’t expected was Harry had had the same thought in mind.

Hello, I’m shamelessly pimping some James and Lily stories if you feel like reading your OTP for Valentine’s Day! I haven’t posted them on LiveJournal (yet), but am including a link to , since that seems to be where a lot of people read.

He meets Scorpius Malfoy on the Hogwarts Express, and hates him from the second he calls the twins “mudbloods. In the Hogwarts Express, Albus met a girl named Sophia mixed of British and Mexican and at once, when he saw her, he was about to fall but James had saved him. Personality and Traits Albus appears to his father’s untidy hair and green eyes. He makes friends easily, and is the first in Albus Potter and the Next Generation to have a girlfriend. He is helpful and resourceful. He is in the Slytherin House, and plays seeker on the house team.

He is average in all other academics. In Wendy Reedsburg Albus is seen as a friendly boy with messy hair and piercing green eyes. He befriends Wendy both on the train and in Diagon Alley and is sorted into the house of Gryffindor. Personality and Traits Edit Albus or “Al” is a friendly boy with untidy hair and green eyes like his dad. He is known to always be on his feet, running around or looking for something to do. Albus stresses over exams and makes friends easily, not only because of his father but also because of his personality.

He is known to be an excellent student, but struggles in transfiguration. He is said to have a special talent with animals because they like him so much.

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That’s a horrible thing to say. A special school for freaks. She had an older sister named Petunia , and the family lived in Cokeworth , [10] England.

Blind Dating. Disclaimer: Harry Potter and everything related belongs first, and foremost, to JK Rowling, and then to her partnerships with Bloomsbury, Scholastics, Warner Bros., etc. Summary: Jily Muggle AU: After being set up on a blind date neither agreed to, Lily and James decide that fake dating and staging a horrendous breakup would be the perfect pay-back for their friends’ scheme.

James Potter 27 March [1] , — 31 October , , also known as Prongs, was a pure-blood [3] [4] wizard and the only son of Fleamont and Euphemia Potter. When James started at Hogwarts, he met and became best friends with three fellow Gryffindor students: He also met Severus Snape , a Slytherin student with whom he became bitter rivals.

After graduating from Hogwarts, he married Lily and together they had a son, Harry James Potter , of whom he made Sirius Black the godfather. James, Lily, and their friends all fought in the First Wizarding War as members of the Order of the Phoenix ; he and his wife defied Lord Voldemort three times. However, James and Lily were forced to go into hiding after a prophecy was made concerning Voldemort and their infant son. James and Lily were ultimately betrayed to Voldemort by one of their close friends Peter Pettigrew.

As a result of this, James was tragically murdered by Voldemort on Hallowe’en in , along with his wife while they were trying to protect their infant son. James briefly appeared again in May through the Resurrection Stone. After the Second Wizarding War , James posthumously had three grandchildren through his son: Contents Biography Early life “They had quite given up hope of a son or daughter when, to their shock and surprise, Euphemia found that she was pregnant and their beloved boy, James, was born.

Fleamont was an accomplished, yet retired cosmetic potioneer and entrepreneur best known for inventing Sleekeazy’s Hair Potion in

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Quidditch – She would have been sorted into Gryffindor just like the rest of her family. She was nearly placed in Slytherin but she asked the Sorting Hat to place her in Gryffindor because she wanted to be in the same house as Hugo. She was very smart but sometimes liked to hide while at other times she put her knowledge into creating pranks. She would have gotten along very well with her brothers and her parents.

She and James bonded over a mutual love for laughter and comedy, they both are Hogwarts biggest troublemakers. Lily is probably the lesser of the two because she knows when to stop, she would occasionally put her foot on the line just to see what would happen but James would always cross it not thinking of the consequences.

Lily finished up, and followed James to the Gryffindor table to where the rest of the Marauders were sitting. Later that evening, Lily and James were doing homework in the Head’s Common Room when Lily suddenly looked up.

Wed Aug 12, His dad was a horrible bully who tormented fellow classmates and had a towering ego to match. The going wisdom is generally—bad kids stay bad, good kids become useful adults. What paves the way toward emotional development in young people? We know James Potter was not entirely lacking in empathy as a boy, and we know that because of his desire to help Remus Lupin who is a werewolf deal with full moons. So James cared about his friend Remus, and was therefore capable of caring about others.

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Quentin Letts wrote in The Daily Mail: She left drama school only last year, yet she practically sweeps all before her as Desdemona in this Othello. Poise, diction, allure — she has them all.

Lily gives the gift of Luck to Petunia while putting off opening her gift from James, which is the exact size of a ring box from a jewellery shop. One glance at it had been enough to send a chill down Lily’s spine, and almost enough to make her say, “You shouldn’t have.”.

A Lily and James fanfiction. She simply couldn’t take it right now. Lily looked still further away and snapped, “don’t! The illusion that she was somewhere within the lines of okay was kept up until James tentatively wrapped his arms around her. I haven’t told anybody. Do you really think that I want people to know that the Ministry isn’t even trying to find out who killed my parents?

Do you think —” but this was too much for Lily, and for the second time in as many months she found herself crying in James’s arms — something she’d never thought would happen.

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Three Broomsticks, Hogsmeade, Scotland Time: Lily pursed her lips and tapped her fingers against the side of her mug while James sat stock still on the other side of the table, looking anywhere but at her. So far she had attempted to start six different conversations two of which had had to do with Quidditch with no luck. All he would give her were one word answers or non-committal grunts and frankly, she was getting quite bored.

And of all the things she thought she would be on this date annoyed, angry, frustrated, embarrassed she hadn’t even thought of a scenario in which she would be bored while on a date with James Potter.

James Potter awakes with a start and sits up, banging his head on something hard in the process. “Ow! What the-” he starts, looking around wildly, but all he can see is the s: 5.

Originally posted by captaincentenarian Make it better. That became your mantra. It settled into your soul as you sat next to Bucky in his hospital room. It rang through your mind as you helped Bruce in any way you could. And it pounded in your ears when you heard that Bucky was awake. You were never able to get out a proper apology.

In fact, you were barely able to face him. But on the third day after he woke up and had moved into the room across the hall from yours, you had an idea. That day, you bought a vase and filled in with orange and white lilies.

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Originally posted by waveofemptiness This was all a mistake. When James stirs from his sleep, the first thing he notices is that his bed feels a little warmer than usual. His head is still aching from the hangover from last night but he can smell the faint scent of lavender and vanilla. He lazily opens his eyes and is met by the sight of a girl. He nearly jumps out of bed when he notices how close she is pressed up against him, her legs tangled with his.

The title pretty much says it all! I love reading stories about James and Lily so I decided to make a community of my favorite stories/one-shots about them.

One shots below will be categorised in this way, while all multichapters listed below will have explicit smut scenes, at intervals throughout the fic. He has spent just as long worshiping her. Kiss and Tell , 17 chapters, complete- The rules were simple. Scream at each other. Certainly not for being lovely because she never was. Lily thought, looking around the nearly empty library. Someone Vince never talked to, someone she hardly spoke to—whom to pin the loss of her virginity on?

What did I just get myself into? You could get away with anything. Before the Fawn , 52 chapters, WIP abandoned? She looked at him, lifting one eyebrow. Kiss Just as Before , one shot – It was supposed to be a one-night-stand, no-strings attached.

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